EC Convert?

Responsibility, an obligation of the sector.

Plastic is, in nowadays, one of the most destructive materials in our planet, and at the same time necessary for our daily life, being present in a very large number of common objects.

In a moment where there isn’t the capacity to substitute plastic totally, produce and consume it in a responsible way is what it makes us evolve and what will fix the future for the manufacturers worldwide.

EC Convert is born to evolve the flexible packaging industry, into a sustainable and forward-looking industry. A transformation that will not only affect our environment, but also the essence of the manufacturers, introducing them into the circular economy and making them participants and drivers of the necessary change.



The circular economy is born to implement a new way of doing things, a business strategy that works to minimize the resources needed and the waste generated. Where the targets reduce, reuse, and recycle become the company’s mantras.

Circular economy

Thinking in the planet’s future, we contribute doing that the manufacturers implement this model in their production systems. Among other actions, we reduce the use of laminated plastics, improving the recyclability, promoting the use of renewable energies and the reuse of disused machinery.

Energy efficiency

We improve the production chain’s performance also reducing the energy consumption, implementing energy efficiency systems that reduce the environmental footprint generated by the manufacturers.


We optimize the manufacturing processes with the target of reducing manufacturing costs and improving the company’s performance.

We want to be drivers for the change in the sector, accompanying the manufacturers in the improvement process and in their industry maintenance, making them an industry of the future and for the future.

A service by people, for people

Human relations and customer trust are the basis of our work. We study the specific needs of the production team, understanding them to give a real solution that will help to improve the efficiency.

Experts with a large professional career in the sector.

Our team is composed by professionals with a large experience in the flexible packaging sector. Its in-depth knowledge of production processes, material characteristics and treatments make EC Convert a reliable partner and an expert in improving efficiency and savings.

EC Convert, the technological partner that will allow you to make the step forward that the market demands.