Plásticos del Segura installs a new waste recovery solution from EC Convert

Plásticos del Segura (PDS Group), a leading manufacturer of plastics, packaging, and containers
for the horticultural sector in Europe and renowned in the industry for the quality of its
products and services, has entrusted EC Convert to develop a new sustainable solution for its
production line.
The PDS Group offers a variety of packaging solutions, including films, bags, trays, and pouches,
for a range of industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and personal care. They
also provide customized packaging design and printing services to meet their customers’
specific needs.
To continue its commitment to sustainability and operate in accordance with its environmental
and social responsibility standards, PDS has installed the new DTR40 for material recovery at its
headquarters in Murcia, Spain.
This compact, robust, and simple machine has excellent tension control and reel alignment. It is
designed and manufactured to reduce environmental impact with low consumption in the
reel’s recovery process. Equipped with regenerative drivers, it reduces costs by reducing
processes and, at the same time, improves efficiency by recovering materials and minimizing
Recovering waste in flexible packaging is an important part of efforts to reduce waste and
create a more sustainable economy. By recovering and reusing these materials, we can
decrease our reliance on virgin resources and minimize the environmental impact of packaging

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