EC Convert is an engineering company specialized in process improvement offering services oriented to the design of customized solutions and the implementation of improvements in the production process to improve performance, reduce energy costs and minimize waste generation.

Our mission

We work every day to contribute to the efficiency, performance and sustainability of the manufacturing processes of the industrial sectors; optimizing their production systems and contributing to the implementation of the circular economy model in the sector.

Our vision

We want to become a partner of national and international reference in the optimization and maintenance of efficiency, savings and sustainability of industrial processes. We want to be drivers of a change in the sector, expanding the circular economy model and accompanying manufacturers in the process of improvement and maintenance of their industry, turning them into an industry of the future and for the future.

Our values


We work to change the industry model, transforming it following the criteria of responsibility and sustainability to ensure its future and that of our planet.


We promote the reduction of plastic consumption and stimulate its reuse, using recyclable plastic materials to reduce the waste generated by this industrial sector. We work considering the protection of the environment during the entire useful life of the machines, from their manufacture to their entry into disuse.

Customer orientation

Volem oferir solucions reals als nostres clients, per això estudiem les necessitats concretes dels equips de producció i les situem al centre de la nostra estratègia.


All our projects are developed with the costumers’ needs at the center. Mutual trust allows us to achieve their maximum satisfaction, significantly improving the performance of their production processes and generating great benefits in the short, medium, and long term.


Our team is made up of experts with a long experience in the industrial sectors. Their in-depth knowledge of production processes, material characteristics and treatments make EC Convert a reliable partner, expert in improving efficiency and savings.


A team of professionals trained in the fields of engineering and economics, and with a long experience in the flexible packaging industry.

Our professionals have a wide knowledge of production systems, the development of customized projects and process optimization. In addition, their exhaustive knowledge of the market makes EC Convert a specialized partner with a very clear objective: to contribute to make the industry a sustainable industry with a future projection.